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About Us


We are an organization with strategically located offices in Mexico, through which we offer customs declaration and international business services. We are able to offer such services with the experience of our highly qualified personnel and under the Customs Broker´s Mexican License and national authorization number 3108. Our headquarters are located in one of the most important points of commerce in Mexico, the port of Veracruz.

In Sistema Aduanal Profesional, SC we have vast experience in logistics and more than 25 years in the market offering customs and international business services.


In Laredo, TX we hold a solid infrastructure in our Forwarding Agency which is able to receive and hold merchandise until all the paperwork for customs clearance is ready to go. Our warehouse has 60,000 ft2 with capacity for 40 trailers and 14 doors to load and unload. The warehouse also has CCTV with online access.

All the corporate offices are equipped with top of the line technology in communications; IT and online access and services for clients. We are fully prepared to keep you informed at every moment of the flux and handling of your shipments.


All of our efforts must converge in the satisfaction of our clients. The motivation of our men and women are our main force. Our concepts must be clear and simple. We will always promote honesty, discipline, and responsibility, as we believe that having a positive attitude and aptitude in our working environment are crucial to reaching goals with the same values. Our will is to transcend and hold a significant presence in the market. The search for synergies with everyone, to whom we relate to, must mutually strengthen us. We must integrate to the industry of commerce to the best of our possibilities in order to be a point of reference.


We want to consolidate ourselves, grow, and be a point of reference in the provision of services for international business and customs clearance. We wish to be recognized for the quality of our services and for the effectiveness of our efforts, which are focused on assuring that the expectations and satisfaction of our clients´ needs are met. All of the above must be met within a frame of attention and competitive service, under a profitable criteria and strategic potential.


  • Certification ISO 9001-2008. "Quality Management Systems"
  • Certification BASC Ver.4-2012. "Business Alliance for Secure Commerce - Control and Security Management Systems Version 4 - 2012"
  • Certification Mexican Norm NMX-R-026. "Quality of the services provided by the Custom Broker"


In Sistema Aduanal Profesional, S.C./AS&Co. we are dedicated to providing foreign trade services through the application of strict quality standards, establishing safe practices in all our processes for the provision of our services, so that our company is not used by individuals or organizations that intend to commit acts of drug trafficking, terrorism, bribery and corruption or any other illicit, ensuring transparency and legality of our operations, seeking greater satisfaction of the needs of our customers, through the implementation of international safety standards, based on the guidelines of the AEO Security program and BASC security certification.



We are committed to deliver impeccable service in international business and customs clearance through our main force: our men and women. Everyone who works at SAP, SC is conscious of what service means. We are committed to the importers and exporters to maintain an excellent attitude over any circumstance, and to count with the aptitude needed to accomplish their requirements by going beyond their day to day expectations, as well as being able to face the new challenges that we confront in the globalized world of the XXI century. Each and every one of them has also the commitment to challenge themselves and each other continuously, in order to be better every day and be up to date with the quality management systems.